What are the signs of a spiritual awakening?

Well, there’s a lot of them, but they all fit into six broad categories.

  1. Increased general happiness
  2. Increased peace/transcendence
  3. Behavior changes
  4. Negative aspects
  5. New desires
  6. Heightened perception

The real question is why do spiritual awakenings in general consist of these specific categories? Some you could guess. You might imagine the new dawn of a spiritual awakening consisting of increased happiness, peace, and maybe new desires. But what about the others? Why do spiritual awakenings lead to behavior changes? And why have any negative aspects to them at all? And how do these all fit together?

Well, it all clicks into place, when you understand the levels of the mind and the nature of what happens when the spiritual mind opens, and what exactly it gets opened to.

The process of spiritual awakening brings us closer to God, and when we experience an increased presence of the Lord, things begin to change. It’s all part of each of us becoming the angel we are meant to be, the unique transmitter of divine love and wisdom we are born to become.

Watch this episode to explore the terrain of the spiritual journey we are all destined to go along, so you can not only recognize the signs, but understand why they are what they are, and what ties them all together.

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