Even though many people have encountered spirits, the scientific community often denies their existence. How can those of us who have these experiences know if it is safe to interact with them? In this episode, we discuss the nature of these spirits, why it might be dangerous to interact with them, and some simple methods for safely doing so. We end with a brief inquiry into why interacting with some types of spirits may be directed towards helping and healing humanity.


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  • I had an NDE when I was 8 yrs old. It was the most profound experience that I ever had. I am now able to see patchy memories of many of my past lives. More than 25, to date. But I did not have this ability until I reached the age of about 58 yrs. ( I am now 69). I believe it was because my Psychiatrist mistakenly put me on the drug called Stellazine. I am Australian. He imagined that I am Schitzophrenic. I knew that I never was, but abided by his wishes, because 1, my brother was high end Schitzophrenic and 2, my Dr. is a Buddhist monk and 3, because he admired Swedenborg as a great mystic. I just want you to know that I relate with you wonderful people completely. I have so much more to say, but shall leave it here, for now. Thank you for all you do. ( Luv ya Curtis. 🙂 <3 )

    • Thank you for writing to us! If you’d ever like to describe that NDE you had at age 8, we’d love to hear more. I’m so glad that the concepts we share from Swedenborg’s writings help to affirm your own personal experiences. We’re grateful to have you in the audience, Jenny, and we’re sending love right back to you! 💖

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