In this episode, we’re continuing our study of marriage in heaven by exploring the spiritual mechanism of how married partners stay together after death in Marriage Love 48b and 50.


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  • Hi OTLE Staff, What IS doctrine? And does it apply to the Bible and a person’s life? I have been with the Lord just abt my entire and for the past 2 yrs I realize I don’t know what doctrine is. Is it how a person pit’s the Bible together to make sense of what is being said in Scripture? I don’t want just someone’s opinion I want to know what Jesus would say. I have prayed and tried research and still come up with nothing except how the Bible is applied to life. Isn’t that what your shows are abt? Can you explain in few words “What is doctrine?”. Thank you.
    Shara Palmer

    • Hello, Shara! Doctrine means a collection of teachings. The doctrine of a particular church organizations means their teachings about what the Bible says and means. Every church organization will have its own doctrine, meaning, its own set of teachings based on interpretations of Scripture. If you’re thinking in terms of Jesus, doctrine would mean Jesus’s teachings — what he taught about how to live. The doctrine is the teachings. Applying those teachings to life would be described with a different word or phrase like “charity”, or walking the path of those teachings, or living according to the teachings, or something similar. Does that help? In our episode “What Does it Mean to Be Born of Water and Spirit?” we explain that the “water” means teachings and “spirit” means a life according to those teachings:

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