Three authors and leading voices in the Near-Death Experience movement connect the lessons learned in heaven to what we go through day-to-day here on earth.

Howard Storm, author of the NDE classic “My Descent Into Death” relays how Jesus told him to love the person in front of him.

How do we “love the person in front of us,” especially when they’re being difficult? Yeah it can be tough to just love someone because people can act in all kinds of dysfunctional ways, and how do we love that person without reinforcing bad behavior or making ourselves a doormat?

Swedenborg’s framework of the spiritual world shows us how the good in someone is the essential person, and how caring with discernment can even let you take corrective action against someone while still holding love for them. It’s not easy to know what the right thing to do is, and Swedenborg learned that the details of how to effectively be kind was actually a major area of study for the earliest people.

Jeff Olsen, drawing on what he’s learned from both tragedy and beauty shares how important it is that we realize we are all connected.

What’s the actual mechanism that connects all of us, and how do we act on it? We’re all connected by a shared membership in the human race, but even more intimately than that, we’re connected by actually all participating in the same one life that comes out of God.

So we share something, but it’s also important that we’re different, because the system of mutual love that we’re meant to live in, which Swedenborg and others have called “heaven” actually becomes more perfect as more and more unique individuals leverage their differences to work together in a unity of purpose.

Tricia Barker, organizer of the annual Online Near-Death Experience Summit, wants you to reflect daily on how you are not alone.

What is our angelic help doing to guide us in particular? Angels are deeply invested in bringing us every kind of good outcome, even down to actively deflecting negative thoughts and feelings that try to attack us. They also work to give us good dreams. And it’s a metaphysical fact that during the times of struggle when we seem alone, we’re more closely cared for than ever.

Watch this video to learn more and find out how we can live every day based on what these three near-death experiencers learned in heaven.

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